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Results of the Garden City VHF Simplex Contest

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Diamond Jubilee Committee of the Bangalore Amateur Radio Club, it gives me great pleasure to announce the results of the Garden City VHF Simplex contest organised during March 2019. This contest was organized to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee Year of BARC, to expose the Amateur radio operators in Bengaluru and surround areas to contesting and to test out the antenna and operating setup of the radio operators.

We hope the contestants enjoyed the experience and were able to bring about some changes to their setup to improve their operating experience.

Although the logs received indicated around 65 unique callsigns participating in the contest – including the Special event callsign AU60BARC, logs were received from only 23 stations – excluding the Special event station. It would have been very helpful if all stations – even with single QSO had sent in their logs.

On scrutiny of the logs received, the following is the final result of the contest.


> Garden City VHF Simplex Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for participating. Hope to receive a good number of logs for the Garden City 40M Mixed mode contest also.

73 de
Madhu VU2MUD
Contest Manager – Diamond Jubilee Celebrations – 2019, BARC

Garden City 40m Mixed Mode Contest

Bangalore Amateur Radio Club – celebrating it’s Diamond Jubilee Year – invites all amateur radio operators of India to participate in the Garden City 40m Mixed Mode Contest on the 4th & 5th May 2019. With an aim of encouraging the members of Bangalore Amateur Radio Club to get on HF and to popularize the grand Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of BARC among radio amateurs in India and abroad, this contest has been organized. The special event callsign AU60BARC will also be on the air during this contest. The general guidelines are as follows.

Contest Name: Garden City HF Mixed Mode Contest
Contest start: 1700 IST on 4th May 2019
Contest End: 1700 IST on 5th May 2019
Modes: SSB/CW/Both
Contest Exchange:
Members of BARC – RS (T) + ARC (ex. 59 ARC (SSB); 599 ARC (CW), …)
Non Members – RS (T) + Sl. No. (ex. 59 (SSB); 599 (CW),….)

Only one QSO shall be permitted with any station on either mode. That is, VU2MUD can have a QSO with AU60BARC once on SSB and once on CW. Duplicate QSO during the contest period shall not carry any points. Cross mode contacts are not allowed (contacts made between CW operator & SSB operator shall be invalid)

QSO Points: 1 point for each contact. 1 bonus point for contacting a Life Member of BARC. Contact with AU60BARC – 5 points.

Log Format: Logs in Cabrillo or excel format. Paper logs will not be eligible for consideration for awards. The Log should have the following information

  1. Contestant Category – BARC Member/ Non-Member
  2. Callsign of the Contesting station
  3. Name
  4. Grade of Licence
  5. Power output used for the contest
  6. Antenna used
  7. Communication address
  8. Entry Category: Member – CW/SSB/Mixed, Non-Member – CW/SSB/Mixed
  9. Log shall contain the following
    A. Date:
    B. Time:
    C. Exact Freq. :
    D. Mode
    E. Contacted Stn.:
    F. RS(T) Sent:
    G. Exchange sent: “ARC” by Members (No exchange for Non-members)
    H. RS(T) Rcvd:
    I. Exchange Rcvd: “ARC” from Members (No exchange from Non-members)
  10. You can add a separate note in the log on your experiences during the contest

Log submission deadline: 5th of June, 2019

The worksheet format for the contest log shall be shared on the groups.
Logs to be sent by email to – logs sent to personal email id shall not be considered

Awards to the winners (Member – CW, SSB & MIXED & Non – Member – CW, SSB & MIXED) and PDF certificates to all participants who send in their log will be awarded during the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

The decision of the contest coordinator & the Diamond Jubilee Committee shall be final

For any clarifications on the contest or for logging, you can contact the Contest Co-ordinator OM Madhu VU2MUD @ 8861064622