Club Activities

Bangalore Amateur Radio being one of the oldest clubs, has been in the forefront when it comes to activities related to amateur radio are concerned. In order to keep up the spirit of Ham Radio, various activities are being taken up frequently. The members have also volunteered for many missions of disaster communication during tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Following broadly sums up the activities of the club.

The best and most sought-after event by all Bangalore hams. Having successfully conducted 21 ARDF events so far, these events bring the best out of the hams each year. Their ingenuity, homebrewing skills, and their navigation skills are put to the test. The joy of winning and the fellowship is what the participants look forward to.

The most gratifying part of ham radio, these workshops immensely help you to design, build, and test homebrew equipment. Be it a simple antenna, attenuator, or a full-blown transceiver. You learn all of it in these workshops. Experienced mentors, and knowledge-sharing fellow members all contribute to helping other amateur radio enthusiasts.

Fun-filled field days that are experimental in nature is the best way to bond with fellow hams and their families. Setting up an antenna, working the stations, having QSOs, technical knowledge exchange are all part of the learning. The open culture of the club is what brings the hams to our field days not just the local, even outstation hams too.

When disaster strikes, and there is an entire communication break-down, this is when hams become the first line of communication, volunteering themselves for tough situations. Setting up the communication setup, establishing communication between various govt. agencies are what Hams are trained for. BARC members have been involved in many such disasters.

Our association with the Scouts has been everlasting and each year BARC with Scouts conducts JOTA to enthuse the young scouts to have a conversation with other scouts across the world. Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is the amateur radio element of JOTA-JOTI, with Scouts all over the world speaking to each other by means of amateur radio.

Not to lose an opportunity on special events, BARC regularly obtains special call-signs to commemorate the event with making contacts with other fellow hams across the world using the call-sign. These become treasured log entries in any amateur radio operator’s call book. Exchanging QSL cards with other hams for the special event QSOs is a pleasant experience.