ARDF | Fox Hunt

Amateur Radio Direction Finding

The best and most sought after ARDF event by all hams of Bangalore. Having successfully conducted 19 ARDF events so far, each year, these events bring the best out the Hams. Their ingenuity, homebrewing skills and their navigation skills are put to test completely. The joy of winning and the fellowship is what the participants look forward to. Check out the ARDF events held by BARC.

21st BARC Foxhunt held on 15-May-2022 Sunday

Foxes: Suresh BP VU3NOI, Sreevathsa M VU3SPD
Foxhole coordinates: 12°51’43.1″N 77°23’46.5″E
Foxhole location: C K Tandya, near Kethohalli, (off Big Baniyan Tree).
PD location: Sunil’s farm, C K Tandya.

Front desk registration by: Mohan VU3TGC, Anjum VU3XFE, Rajesh VU3HRP, Lokesh SWL.

Flagoff from scouts and guides HQ by: Srikanth VU2GSM

16 teams with 42 hunters (28 HAMs + 14 SWLs) got flagged off from Scouts and Guides Hq.

Prize distribution by: Marcus Guruji VU2VTM
Certificate distribution by: Ramesh Kumar VU2LU (President- ARSI)

1st Hunters Somashekar VU3JBA, Poojith VU3YPP
2nd Hunters Sandeep Shah VU3SXE, Hema Shah SWL
3rd Hunters Hariharan VU3HEA, Varsha Hariharan SWL, Santosh SWL
4th and consolation Hunters Mohan VU3TGC, Narasimha Prakash SWL

Thanks to Sponsors for supporting:
Radiobrewery, Indus Spray (Shashi VU2TKO, Vathsa VU2AE), Basavanagudi Service and Union Club, Madhu VU2MUD, Cdr. Raghunath VU2MYS, Vatsalya VU3ULY, Vivek VU2XJ, Ghanashyam VU3GHM.
Special Thanks to: Sunil and Roopchand for providing PD location.