Proceedings of the 2nd Annual General Body and Election Meeting of Bangalore Amateur Radio Club held on
23 rd October 2016 at 10.30AM.

The AGM was convened at 10.30 AM, but due to lack of Quorum, the meeting was adjourned by 30 minutes
and AGM started at 11AM. There were a total of 28 members who attended the meeting.
1. The meeting was commenced with an silent invocation prayer to the Almighty.
2. President G. Ram Mohan then proposed that a minute’s silence be observed to pay respect to the
members who have departed during the previous year i.e OM Sripathi VU3UDP and OM Bobji
3. President Sri G. Ram Mohan then welcomed the members to the second AGM and thanked all the
members for their presence and support to all the club activities. He also thanked all the Committee
members for the excellent support rendered thorough the year.
4. Secretary Sri Kiran Kumar read out the notice of AGM.
5. The Secretary then announced that the minutes of the previous AGM had already been submitted to
the Registrar of Societies and that the copies of the same were displayed in the notice board for
information to the members. Since there were no comments , he proposed that the proceedings of
the previous AGM be adopted. OM Srikanth VU2GSM proposed and OM Madhukar VU2MUD
seconded the adoption of the proceedings of the previous AGM be adopted. Secretary thanked the
AGM for the same.

6. Secretary Sri Kiran Kumar presented the annual Secretary’s report for the period 2015- 16. The
same was proposed and adopted by the august body accordingly.
7. Sri Ramesh .V VU3VRL, the Treasurer presented the Audited Financial Statement for the year 2015-
16. The same was proposed and adopted by the august body.
Proposed by Krishna Kumar VU3UNO, Seconded by Subramaniam VU2ZUB
8. Appointment of Auditors : It was proposed that the existing auditors M/s B.K. Gowda& Co be
retained as auditors for the year 2016-17 and the same was proposed in the august body and
adopted. The renumeration was fixed at Rs5000/= for the year along with applicable taxes.
Proposed by Shashidhar VU2TKO, and Seconded by ……..
9. Resignation of OM Krishna Kumar from the committee was discussed. OM Ramesh Kumar said that
letter of acceptance of resignation had not been issued to Krishna Kumar for which the Secretary
informed that since no communication had been received by Krishna Kumar about non- acceptance
of his resignation, it is deemed that it is accepted and he is relieved from his post.

10. Induction of OM Venkatesh VU3IMV into the committee: There was a discussion about filling up of
the casual vacany in the committee and the interpretation of the exisiting bye-laws. OM Dasharathi
read out the existing bye-laws Section 22B and OM Srikanth expressed that the existing bye-laws
adequately covered the topic of Governing Council having adequate powers to fill up the casual
vacancies and there was no need to tamper with or introduced new bye-laws for the same.
OM Ramesh Kumar enquired about how many meetings the inducted member has attended so far,
for which the Vice President replied that due to personal issues the attendance was low, but he
would ensure that OM Venkatesh is regular henceforth.
OM Sathyapal expressed that hence forth, any such vacancies needs to be put forth before members
in monthly meetings and volunteers be sought to fill the vacancies.
It was resolved that Governing Council would henceforth be authorized to fill up such casual
vacancies in future after duly communicating the same to members and seeking volunteers before
deciding of inducting anyone who is interested to serve for the duration of the existing committee.
11. Any other matters with permission of the chair:
a) OM Ramesh Kumar, Secretary of ARSI thanked BARC for becoming a Institutional Member of
b) OM Krishna Kumar proposed that ID cards be issued to all the Life members of BARC. OM
Sathyapal suggested that ID cards might not be of much use , but however suggested that BARC
issue a well designed certificate of membership which could be displayed in the ham radio shack.
c) Vice President Dasharathi suggested that donations be sought from members towards covering
the annual expenses of the club as the current limit of 10% of the corpus amount would be
insufficient to cover the projected activities.
d) OM Ramesh Kumar felt that the website of BARC needs updation and suggested that we explore
legalities of accepting donations to the club through website by placement of Advertisements
e) OM Dasharathi suggested that BARC meetings could also be held on the air and that he could get
approvals from RSB for the same. It was expressed by Sathyapal that it cannot be done as a
meeting only for BARC members as it would lead to groupism etc. Secretary clarified that it
would be something similar to the existing news bulletin and that all hams would be able to join
in for sharing information. It was decided to explore the feasibility further and draw suitable
outline. OM Srikanth suggested that hams should start talking more on air to keep up the
f) OM Bobji VU2RKC conveyed his greetings on behalf of Repeater Society of Bangalore and stated
that RSB repeaters were always available for use of hams and there is no objection for them to
be used for the proposed meeting on the air.

g) OM Madhukar expressed that a few members of the Governing Council are not seen regularly at
none of the monthly meetings. OM Srikanth noted that if GC members are not attending
regularly, then they will automatically seize to be in their office. OM Ramesh read out the
relevant section 26 of bye-laws which stated that any Office bearer if not attending three
consecutive meetings will be deemed to have vacated the office. In line with this,
communication is to be sent out to all existing GC members to be regular to meetings
henceforth and also ensure that it is complied by the future aspirants also.
h) OM Sathyapal complimented that BARC has been conducting good meetings for the past one
year and wanted the good work to continue.
i) OM Krishna Kumar wanted more openness in the administration of the club and loop holes in
the existing bye-laws plugged.
j) OM Srinivasa Shenoy remarked that his membership application had been acted upon for past
four months. Secretary informed that the matter had slipped his attention and it would be close
looped the next day itself.
k) Secretary read out mails received from members OM Govind Girimaji regarding legal options
available including bye-law amended to ensure that Life members are not removed for non
attendance of AGM. He also read out letter from OM Somashekar seeking information about
previous election, and legality of induction of OM Venkatesh into the committee. It was noted
that OM Somashekar had attended the previous election and was aware of all the facts and
hence the same was to be communicated to him.
l) OM Srivatsa and Shashidhar stated that the previous system of winner of foxhunt to be given the
privilege of being the fox for the next hunt. Secretary informed that there had been some
practical problems faced due to unwillingness of certain winners to host the event had
necessitated the change of format. But, based on the feed back provided, he informed that due
consideration will be given to it in future events.
m) Secretary announced that the next foxhunt will be held on 13 th November 2016 and requested
members to take part in the event and also lookout for sponsors to raise the requisite funds.
12. Vote of thanks: There being no other items on the agenda, Vice President Dasharathi proposed vote
of thanks to the members of the AGM. The meeting was declared closed at 12.45 pm with singing of
National Anthem and the members proceeded to lunch.