19th Bangalore Foxhunt – 2018

About the Event

Amateur radio direction finding (ARDF) , also known as radio orienteering or Fox-Hunt is an amateur racing sport that combines radio direction finding with the map and compass skills of orienteering.

It is a timed race in which competitors use a map, a magnetic compass and radio direction finding apparatus to navigate through diverse terrain while searching for radio transmitters.

The Bangalore Edition of this technical sport is in its 19th Year and is to be held on 11th November 2018, coinciding with the monthly club meeting

Registration Forms and Participations Fees 

Registration Forms are available from here:


The Form is valid when accompanied by the risk wavier forms signed by the participants.

The participation fees includes light breakfast and tea at the flagoff venue and Lunch at the Prize Distribution Venue.

Last date for registration is 07th November 2018

Payment Options:

The Participation Fees can be handed over to the following persons

VU3UNO – Krishna Kumar
VU3PKE – Kiran Kumar
VU3VRL – Ramesh
VU3UDK – Anil
VU3IMV – Venkat
VU3HBJ – Chandru
VU2YVK – Vijay

Or Can be Transfered to the Offical Account of Bangalore Amateur Radio Club at

Account Name: Bangalore Amateur Radio Club
Account No.10096737072
IFSC Code: SBIN0040292
Branch Name :SBI – Vishveshwarpuram Branch

Snapshot or Counterfoil can be mailed to vu3vrl@gmail.com with subject line – Payment to Foxhunt for confirming the registration

Rules and Regulations 

Keeping with the changing times and the worsening traffic conditions, it is proposed to have the following modifications done in the overall plan of event.

1. The normal tradition of all hunting teams assembling at the center of the city for flag off has been modified. Instead, all hunters will assemble at a pre-determined in the general direction of the fox location for the flag off and start the hunt .

2. The Prize Distribution venue will be located about 25 km from city center and will be intimated in advance.

3. The assembly time will be 8AM and hunting teams will be issued Competition cards which is mandatory for submission at the foxhole to be eligible to claim the prizes.

4. All Hunting teams will be Flagged off at 8.30 AM and can proceed to take up vantage points for tracking the signal.

5. The Fox will be located within an Aerial distance of 15 KM from the Prize Distribution venue.

6. Fox Transmission shall start at 9AM and the duration of the hunt will be two hours.

7. Transmission shall be at every fifth minute and the time will be network time as shown on mobile phones synced to internet , of the one minute transmission, 30 seconds on high power and 30 seconds on low power ending with the call sign of the fox.

8. The signal shall be vertically polarized and Fox Frequency will be on 145.000 MHZ

9. Any QRM on this frequency, the Fox Transmission will be shifted to back-up frequency which will be announced during the course of the hunt

10. All hunting teams will return to the Prize Distribution venue after the first three teams reach the fox hole location.

11. Special prize is given to the Student Category of Hunters and SWL’s to encourage future participation.