VU18FIFA – Special Event Call

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Special Event stations Indonesia – August 10 to 17

SARL HF Digital Contest next Sunday

VU18FIFA – Special Event Call

Monthly Meeting – August

The members of the Bangalore Amateur Radio Club (VU2ARC) Operated a the special event call VU18FIFA, commemorating the FIFA World Cup being held in Russia from 13 June 2018.

The operation was held on Roster basis with VU2YVK Old Man Vijay leading the operations from Bangalore, Old Man Ken-san from Mumbai and Other Hams from Across the country.

A total of 2600+ contacts were made and approximate 76 DX Entities were logged in the operation period.

In realtion to the special event operations, a contest to design QSL Cards for sending Paper QSL’s was announced by Bangalore Amateur Radio Club

Designs Submitted by
Old Man Rajan – VU3JYT
Old Man Manish VU3__

was selected and will be used for printing the Paper QSL’s

The Logs have been uploaded to Clublog for other hams to check and verify the contacts and dupes
More Information will be poted on this webpage regarding the QSL policy for VU18FIFA

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