Monthly Meeting – August

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VU2DEV – Dev is Silent Key

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ExseedSat granted VO-96 OSCAR number

WSJT-X 2.0 full release now available

CQVU – 40 – Mixed Contest – Sprint

The Monthly Meeting for the Month of August was held on 12th August 2018 at the Bharath Scouts & Guides HQ on Palace Road, This Month’s monthly meeting coincided with the Annual General Body meeting for eligible members of the club.

Mouth-watering Breakfast was served from 9:30 AM to an ever increasing crowd and the meeting started at around 10:30AM after the informal breakfast Eyeball and Usual Chit chat.

VU3ECN Old Man Ujwal John, An Avid Trekker and Aeromodeler, displaced his Homebrew VNA and provided details about its construction and the sources for components. He also offered to support for future workshop if the members wished to build a VNA for themselves.

Though the VNA did not switch on during the demo, only to realize that the jumper setting was wrong and eventually other Hams could see the VNA in Action.

VU2DEV Old Man Dev displayed a TX Band-pass filter homebrewed by VU3HST Old Man Satish with his help. Dev explained how the design was established with help of Keysight Software from one of a student at an Prestigious College in Bangalore City. He also explained how effective the filter was in removing or “Murdering” a BC Station signal in actual usage.

The Band-pass filter was housed in a thick metallic box, construction was done using enamelled coils wound on PTFE Rods and 2KV disc capacitors connected in combination to achieve the required technical parameters.

Other Members presented their work related to Amateur Radio promotion and general discussion was carried out in the monthly meeting before end calling the end for this months meeting

BARC Wishes Ujwal the best wishes to his homebrewing, extending all the support required in him HAM Adventure.

As a veteran HAM, Dev is instrumental in helping Hams with interest in homebrewing and technical experimentation, we wish this to continue for a prolonged time so that more people get into hands-on hobby.

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