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Bangalore Amateur Radio Club (BARC) – VU2ARC is among the oldest Amateur Radio Club in India.

BARC was founded in the year 1959 by a handful of like minded Amateur (HAM) Radio Operators and Shortwave Listeners. Since its Inceptions, BARC has strieved to promote Amateur Radio as a Hobby to the General Public.

BARC was instrumental in supporting Radio and Electronics Enthusiasts, Rally Communications, Disaster Management and a Host of activities which surrounds the ambit of Amateur Radio.

BARC has an Club Callsign – VU2ARC and is ARC is currently registered under the Karnataka State Registered Society’s Act to carry out its functions a Club.

With a History for over 60 Years, the Club derives its 150+ Members from various walks of life and form different countries with a common interest – AMATEUR RADIO!

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